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of sustainable development

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 market access. After the establishment of a deposit insurance system, the differential rates for different operating quality by financial institutions, and to take timely corrective action will help to further promote small and medium banks, private banks prudent management and healthy development, and gradually form a more reasonable financial structure and layout, promote the formation of an effective competition system of sustainable development of small financial institutions, the rich grassroots financial services and supply, thus effectively improving the financing difficulties of SMEs financing expensive.Reporter: deposit insurance system will not lead to thenike air max 90 sale   small bank move, resulting in the bank's risk Mr. Pan: At present, China's banking industry operating in good condition, the overall operation of sound. Establishment of a deposit insurance system for the existing financial safety net to improve and strengthen that can further enhance the soundness of the banking sector, and promote the healthy development of the banking sector, and therefore the introduction of the system would be more stable. Pay $ 500,000 to set limits, you can make 99.63 percent of deposits, including all types of enterprises, to get full protection, can fully protect the interests of depositors and sound

operation of the banking industry. It should be noted that the implementation of quota payments, not to say that there is no limit above deposit protection. Large depositors and closer cooperation between banking, with a strong ability to identify risk, not easily move. In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, in the disposition of insured institutions, deposit insurance and other acquisitions and undertake to take most market measures, the deposit will be transferred to the agency's health agency, so that depositors deposits, business continues to be fully guaranteed.System design not only based on China's national conditions, but also reflect nike air max 95 running shoes  s the basic principles of international best practice andReporter: deposit insurance system has been implemented for many years in the international arena, China's deposit insurance system in the design draws on international practices which benefit Mr. Pan: Currently, there are more than 110 countries and regions to establish a deposit insurance system, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) of 24 members, there are 21 established a deposit insurance system. In the course of our study design scheme of deposit insurance system, the research team summarized the status quo of China's depositor protection and disposal of financial risk on the

lessons of history, based on the establishment of a system suitable for China. It also forces the main mode of organization of the international deposit insurance, mature approach of the sort and summarize. Especially after the current round of international financial crisis, countries in crisis fully learn the lessons both positive and negative, have changed the mode to minimize risks, strengthen deposit insurance and risk an early correct disposal duties. It also established the deposit insurance system for our design provides the latest, can absorb and learn from the lessons of international experience. Deposit insurance system in China's design philosophy and direction, there is a high degree of consensus in this regard, including deposit insurance can not do "pay me", should be implemented based on the difference between the rates of risk, deposit insurance should have the necessary conike air max lunar onlinerrections and risk of early disposal functions do possible to do risk early detection, early correction, early disposal, it summed up the international financial crisis, both positive and negative lessons, reflects the core elements of the reform of the international development trend and the deposit insurance system.The overall positive public opinion, the system will be implemented smoothlyReporter:
of a new, multilateral interim secretariat drafted the "Asian investment bank charter (draft)," the revised draft was discussed in depth and fruitful.Chairman of the preparatory meeting of the Standing Conference on Asian investment bank negotiators, Chinese Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin and co-chair of the meeting, Minister of

increase supervision and law

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responsibility. National Quality Supervision and handling procedures for the new project, 88.06% of the legal representative of the power of attorney signed, engineering quality lifelong responsibility for undertaking; handle final acceptance of the new project, set up a permanent signage 93.76%.Since the quality of the project management to carry out two operations, the country continued to increase supervision and law enforcement inspections. January, around 56,528 projects were examined. Supervision and law enforcement around the total issued 24,779 copies of a single inspection rectification, 1198 copies of the book administrative penalties, p nike air max thea buy   enalties related units 1025, 593 penalties related personnel, the implementation of credit discipline 696 onwards, the exposure of illegal typical cases from 420. Human Resources and Social Department recently issued a notice in 2015 will continue to organize corporate human resources management division, Logistics, a unified national identification of e-commerce division, career guidance personnel 10 occupations across national vocational qualifications to do the work of a unified national identification, strengthen and standardize management, quality assurance identified.Another electric fourth "National Unification Advisory 12333 Day" was held in the

country. National human resources and social security departments at all levels to provide daily advisory services, consulting into the campus, the training into the campus, campus job into a series of activities, organizational consultants and business experts into the campus, the college students concerned about employment and entrepreneurship, social insurance, labor contracts, and other aspects of the policy has been preaching and on-site consulting. Compared with conventional financing, Internet banking has open information symmetry, cost-effective, independent interactive options, highlight the advantages of flexible and convenient tim supra skytop cheap  e and space, there is a natural "adaptation" of the financing needs of SMEs and between. But at the same time, the Internet there are still some outstanding financial issues in terms of safety, norms, so that people on the Internet can solve the financial problem of financing SMEs generate controversy. Then, using the Internet for SMEs financing, fly it First, the Internet should be clear financial solutions to SME financing difficulty does have advantages. First, help to increase financing opportunities for SMEs. Internet banking loan processing small customer audits, financial transactions have a comparative advantage, financing through online networks

ctraditional risk management tools to adapt to the requirements of the information age, the network and the two levels of financial risk management, and to ensure the safe and orderly development of Internet banking. Furthermore, it should strengthen research and exploration, construction of traditional banking and Internet banking system coordination mechanism to achieve both mutual promotion and common development, to better meet the financing needs of SMEs.(The author is China Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, deputy director of the Ministry of SMEs) of the United Nations Human Rights Council, "North Korea Human Rights Office" will be settled in the second quarter of this year in Seoul, Korea peaceful reunification committee secretary office the night of March 30 issued a statement strongly condemned, said, "Northsupra skytop for sale  Korea will not stand idly by. Once the office was established, it has become Korea mercilessly 'punished target' and 'pre-emptive first strike target'."North Korea, "Rodong Sinmun" KCNA March 31 and published the full text of the statement, said, "Korea-US active in the 28th meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the DPRK again concocted degrading the dignity and institutional anti-DPRK human rights resolution, causing the entire

second is to help reduce financing

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an reduce the difficulty of financing for SMEs. In addition to a variety of Internet banking products, all to raise a large number of investors as a collection of small single investment in the network platform to expand the service object in an open selection can increase financing opportunities for SMEs. The second is to help reduce financing costs. SME loan amount is small, and therefore the bank when dealing with small business loans, nike air max thea mens   higher unit costs of financial transactions. Internet banking because of the use of information technology to simplify the loan application areas, can reduce transaction costs for SMEs to apply for loans. The third is to help reduce the credit risk of SMEs. Internet financial institutions rely on massive corporate transactions, financing for the network can build a solid credit basis, with strong credit feature. At the same time, the Internet is facing financial break through the traditional means of geographical and other credit restrictions, can effectively resolve financing this critical bottleneck in information asymmetry. Fourth, SMEs contribute to personalized financing. Financing needs of SMEs presents personalized, differentiated features. Internet banking can rely on IT and credit records, financial services and product transformation and reconstruction to meet

individual financing needs of SMEs. Fifth, help build micro-risk early warning mechanism. Internet banking can take advantage of big data for SMEs repayment ability and willingness to repay a more accurate assessment, and screening of qualified companies. This screening process helps early warning and risk management has become a micro-risk early warning mechanism.Secondly, we should attach great importance to highlight the problem of Internet banking presence. First, lack of P2P net loan credit risk management, risk high platform. Currently the fastest growing platform in addition to P2P net loan data security, network security issues, there is also the industry due to the low barriers to entry qualifications vary greatly, and the operation does not lead to moral norms risk, credit risk management risks resulting from inadequate financing, lack of supervision of funds led to the establishment of finike air max lunar running shoesnancial irregularities pool and other issues. The second is to raise public equity legitimacy barriers, limited role of space. Currently, all to raise equity financing for start-up financing of SMEs has practical significance, but there is the problem of the legitimacy of restricting its development. Related to the number of corporate and securities law, resulting in a large number of public equity raised

platform had to "lead investor", "Held" and other models to circumvent legal obstacles to doing business. Legitimacy problem is not solved, the public space to raise equity financing will eventually restrict development. Third, the Internet not fully reflect the financial cost advantage. In P2P, for example, different standards platform costs pushed up the overall cost of financing. "China's small and micro enterprises Financial Services Development Report (2014)" The survey data show that the vast majority of small loan company loan interest rate is 10% -25%. This means that many P2P cost borrowers more than small companies and private financing loan interest rates. In addition, the current Internet banking and traditional financial fragmentation, lack of effective coordination is one of the important issues.Internet banking has both natural advantages, there are also growing shortage, which is generated by the internet financial questions do not fly the root causes. To solve the problem of financing SMEs flounike air max 95 cheap  rish, Internet banking should focus on the following aspects: First, to protect Internet banking big data security. This is to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, to play an active role in the basic premise and guarantee. The second is to strengthen and improve the Internet financial regulation. Before specific regulatory legal and regulatory measures introduced, could be considered separate supervision by the People's Bank of China, the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC and launch the appropriate regulatory and Conditions as soon as possible. Third, actively resolve Internet financial risks. Learn

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